Why Indusight?

Fast and high quality delivery of services and goods is essential for success. Manufacturing outages or quality issues are increasing the cost and lowering client satisfaction and loyalty.

Ensuring work safety is expensive and very much influenced by human errors. Work safety incidents have major adverse impact on manufacturing process and significanly increase cost.

We deliver image capturing and processing solutions (HW and SW) for automated process control (quality control, safety zone monitoring, compliance with safety policy etc.) including integration with customer systems. Data is captured using advanced camera systems and processed using machine learning technology. Our solutions increase efficiency of manufacturing process and eliminate defects resulting in lower manufacturing cost and lower number of customer complaints.


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AI based industrial automation enabling creative power of society


Increase efficiency

Lower the labor cost

Full utilization of human creative potential for innovations, maximal use of machines for routine activities.

Improve quality and decrease process failure rates by use of Artificial Intelligence.

Optimize manufacturing processes and lower the labor cost. AI robot is tireless worker.


Expert assistance

  • Consultancy and expert advice
  • System integration as a service
  • Custom SW development
  • Development of Machine Learning based industrial solutions

System integration

  • Solution deployment and installation
  • SW installation
  • Integration into ERP systems
  • Training
  • Solution support

Use cases

  • Manufacturing sites
  • Risk assessment
  • Logistics
  • Distribution



Defect detection

  • Scratches, drops
  • Foreign object presence
  • Patern defects

Object detection and counting

  • Visual characteristics
  • QR code and bar code based
  • Text identificators

Package checks

  • Correct package set
  • Package completeness

Solution delivery process

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Are you interested to learn more?

We can organize Design Thinking workshop and help you define solution requirements

  • Detailed analyses
  • Innovative solution design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Final solution delivery